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Painting A Building

Painting is the perfect finishing for any initial building construction. It adds beauty and improves the appearance of the building. Suppose you are a cooporate body, community, or group of people that has embarked on a building scheme with multiple structures, and you are wondering which type of painter will be perfect. Consider Body Corporate Painting experts in Brisbane as they understand how time-consuming and complex body corporate projects can be. They know what is expected during the project’s documentation, application, and planning phases.

Importance of Painting Buildings

The paint of a building is the first thing everyone notices; this shows how essential exterior paints are in creating an impression on individuals. Painting offers the building several benefits, some of which includes;

  • Improve Aesthetics Value

One of the most apparent benefits of painting buildings is that it makes them more beautiful. Proper exterior paint maintenance will help increase the aesthetic value of the building.

  • Protection From Aggregate Expansion

The exterior of a building is constantly exposed to rain, sun, snow, wind, and many more. When a building is exposed to rain, the sand and tiny stones in the concrete mixes will absorb moisture. The moisture will cause the concrete to expand, crack, and crumble. The expansion and crumbling effect are caused by the reaction of silica and alkali components in the concrete. This reaction used to plaster the walls can only occur in moisture, thus protecting your building preventing moisture from penetrating the concrete underneath.

  • Protection From Corrosion of Reinforcement Bars

Another benefit of painting buildings is to protect the entire structure of the building. When an unpainted building is exposed to moisture over a period, the concrete will absorb the moist until it reaches the level of the underlying reinforcement bars in the structure of the building. The reinforcement bars will eventually absorb the moisture and corrode, leading to the weakening of the internal structure of the building. The result of bar corrosion is often devastating, but you can prevent it with the help of paint.

  • Protection From Chemical Damage

Chemical reactions happen regularly in concrete walls. It can be caused by rain, air, and other external agents and often lead to chemical damage. Exposure of concrete walls to air leads to the absorption of carbon dioxide. The calcium hydroxide present in concrete will react with the carbon dioxide absorbed from the air. The reaction leads to the formation of calcium carbonate (carbonation). Carbonation enhances the formation of acid in the concrete, which then causes metal corrosion. However, you can avoid the entire process of carbonation with the help of a quality paint coat on the concrete walls.

  • Protection From Pests

The wooden structure of a building benefits from paints. Paints help lock out moisture from the wood, preventing the activities of bacteria and pests. Pests love moist wood; it’s the perfect breeding ground. Building Paint protects your wooden structures from pests like carpenter ants and termites.

How Much Does Corporate Painting Cost?

Painting a building is one of the most labour-intensive and cost-consuming projects handled by corporate body experts. It involves buying paints, fillers, tools, and other materials to get the job done expertly.

Nevertheless, professional body corporates often plan; they always have an adequate sinking fund forecast to cater to all the painting expenses. Sinking funds are often set up for at least 10 years to ensure that all repairs and building components are adequately funded. The funds will help analyze and fix the necessary contribution to cover several expenditures. Therefore, body corporates often request periodic sinking fund forecasts to ensure that plans for building and painting are getting adequate contributions. Professionals can only carry out this forecast, and it is never stable.

The Process For Choosing The Right Body Corporate Contractor


  • Understanding the Nature of Work

Hiring the right body of corporate experts begins with a detailed understanding of the nature of the work that needs to be done. It’s best to conduct a detailed inspection of all the buildings involved and take note of the critical places. It would be better to invite several body corporate painting experts to analyze the buildings.

  • Get Quotation

After inspection, each of your potential body corporate experts will get you a price estimate. The price quotes are always detailed, explaining the needs of every building. Most body corporate painting contractors give free no-obligation quotes to their clients. Make sure you get specifications done before requesting a price estimate. The detailed specifications will help you understand what you’re charged for during tendering.

  • Consider Tendering

You can put your building painting project out for tender. It will allow you to get different price quotes from several body corporates interested in your project. It would be best to involve a strata manager in the project bidding. Strata managers have worked with several body corporates, and they understand the reputation of each contractor. Your Strata manager can recommend a reputable and efficient body corporate to you.

  • Compare the Quotes

When comparing price quotes from different contractors, ensure that you involve your consultant. Consultants have the time and expertise to adequately analyze and scrutinize several price quotes.

  • Ask For Warranty

Warranty on any product or service shows that the service provider is confident in their expertise and the services they render. Body corporate experts often offer warranties for their services. The warranty would enable you to request a repaint if they poorly did their work. Ensure to ask for the number of years the warranty covers. Also, speak with the contractor about the warranty procedures upheld.

Suppose you are in Brisbane and looking for a corporate body painter to help with your project; ensure to visit our website here Our exterior body corporate painting team is always available to answer any questions about our services.

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