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Body Corporate Maintenance Painting

Body Corporate Maintenance Painting ​Services for Properties in the Greater Brisbane Region.

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Surepaint™ is a professional painting contractor specializing in interior & exterior body corporate painting in the Brisbane area.

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Body Corporate Maintenance Painting

Regular and consistent maintenance of body corporate buildings can help reduce the chances of significant issues arising that can be costly and time-consuming. At Surepaint, we work with body corporate committees and managers to develop maintenance plans for properties to help reduce unexpected costs and keep buildings in top condition. We understand how important it is to have a relationship with reliable tradespeople. At Surepaint, we prioritise our body corporate clients and ensure that any urgent requests are dealt with promptly and professionally.

Whether it’s one-off maintenance jobs before the issue becomes more extensive or developing a dedicated maintenance plan so you can rest assured that your building will be regularly looked after on a timely basis, we can help. Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why a body corporate paint maintenance plan can help you look after your property.


We understand how important it is for body corporates to plan for costs, and a maintenance plan can help with budgeting and ensure no surprises for the body corporate committee or managers. We also appreciate that Brisbane body corporate is responsible for a wide range of maintenance, which makes a plan a good way to keep track of the building requirements and your budget.


Regular maintenance can help prevent things like concrete spalling, rusting and paint fail which can lead to paint flaking or peeling. All of these can lead to significant costs if left untreated. A maintenance plan can identify issues when they’re small, and we can apply patch jobs to make sure that these types of problems don’t lead to more significant issues in the future. Given the exterior of a building is constantly exposed to the elements, it makes sense to address issues when they arise rather than waiting for a full repaint.


While you want entryways to be bright and welcoming, it’s important to consider the wear and tear on the property from a practical perspective. Tan is a good choice as it’s a welcoming colour that’s warmer than white but hides any marks or damage better. Grey is another good option. To brighten the space, you can consider using white on areas like skirting but stay away from using white on doors and door frames where possible.

Exterior Body Corporate Painting in Brisbane

Based on the condition of the building and your needs, we may recommend a number of associated painting services that you can be packaged together for your convenience.

Body Corporate Maintenance Painting

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It’s important to consider the wear and tear on the property from a practical perspective.

Regular maintenance can help prevent things like concrete spalling, rusting and paint fail which can lead to paint flaking or peeling

Whether it’s one-off maintenance jobs before the issue becomes more extensive or developing a dedicated maintenance plan

We Help You Choose The Perfect
Colour Scheme

By working with Surepaint, our team of skilled professionals can help you choose the perfect colour scheme for your body corporate property.

You can have total peace of mind with our unique colour selection process by taking advantage of our colour consultants and digital overlay experts.

Take a look at the below digital overlay we did for a client. This is not a finished product but rather a digital rendering of the committees colour choices.

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Learn about how we accomodate all different types of projects and customers with our body corporate painting approach

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Our specialist body corporate painters in Brisbane understand how complex body corporate projects can be. We regularly work with body corporate managers, committees and onsite managers and know what our clients expect. We work closely with clients in all aspects, including planning, color selections, production and scheduling our body corporate painting works to minimize disruptions to tenants and residents. Our experience managing small and large-scale projects helps us deliver quality outcomes on time and budget.

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Our Promise

We understand that body corporate committees and managers require a quick response when urgent jobs arise on strata properties. Therefore, we aim to prioritize our service for our body corporate clients and resolve any issues as soon as possible.

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We understand how important it is for our body corporate clients to minimise any disruption and inconvenience to residents. We work closely with managers and body corporate committees to plan our projects for minimal disruption. We spend a lot of time preparing for site set-up to maintain easy access to buildings for residents wherever possible.

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Our Quality Guarantee

Our experienced team are all focused on delivering high-quality projects. When it comes to body corporates, we understand the importance of a professional finish to maintain the long-term investment of the property. We can help identify and resolve issues that may affect the property’s value. We recommend high-quality products and use best practice techniques.

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Meeting Regulations

Our experience working with small and large-scale body corporate managers means that we understand the importance of meeting specific regulations of individual property charters and adhering to the rules about how particular properties need to be presented. We offer a 10-year warranty on external strata painting, and our insurance means you’re fully covered in the event of any issues.

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We understand that there can be many people involved when working on body corporate projects. Given our experience, we aim to work closely with all parties and keep everyone updated with the project’s progress. We aim to manage the expectations of everyone involved, keeping residents, body corporate committees and managers updated on progress without compromising quality standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the strata painting that we carry out on our external service is covered under a 10-year warranty to help ensure the longevity of your new paint job and provide peace of mind for our body corporate clients.
With large projects like apartment or office complexes, body corporate committees and managers can play a crucial role in communicating with tenants about when we will be on-site and the impact our presence may have on their property. This may include what site access we need to have, for example, easy access to driveways or making sure car parks are empty so we can set up scaffolding. It’s also important to communicate with any tenants or site foreman what common areas will be affected and if this will impact any of the tenants, for example, using a separate entry for a few days or weeks depending on the project requirements.
Yes, we typically provide at least 1L of leftover paint for all products we use on the project. This can help you remember exactly what products were used on the building and the specific colours. This can help with future maintenance jobs to easily recall matching colours and products.


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