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Guide To Painting Strata Buildings

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Guide To Painting Rendered Strata Buildings

When we talk about a rendered body corporate building, we’re referring to the application of cement to external, internal brick, or concrete walls to help achieve a smooth or deliberately textured surface. Rendered strata buildings typically require a repaint after 10 years. Over time, oxidation can affect the paint on the rendered surface, causing the paint to break down. The result is that paint often turns chalky, which usually means that any paint coatings on the surface start to fail, leading to possible paint peeling. Although the paint products are rated not to peel when oxidation occurs, the paint no longer repels UV rays, and the render can crack. This can lead to paint failure and cause the render to fall off the wall, which is unsightly and can affect the value of your property.

After a few years, paint on a rendered surface can also fade because of being exposed to the elements, particularly in Brisbane, where we typically average 283 days of sunshine every year! The result is that it can lose its shine, making your property look dated and tired. All of this can affect the investment of your property. Properties painted in darker colours with east, north, or west elevations can see the effects of oxidation quicker and require more frequent repainting.

If you’re a body corporate committee member or manager of a rendered strata building, it’s crucial to understand how long paint is likely to last on the external surfaces of your property so you can manage your budgets and plan accordingly. It’s also helpful to regularly clean your rendered surfaces by engaging a professional house washer. Regularly cleaning rendered surfaces can help extend the life of your paint job. Being aware of these things can help you save costs over the long term and keep the property looking in good condition to attract residents, including new buyers.

When it comes to repainting rendered surfaces, it can be helpful for body corporate committee members and managers to get an idea of how the process works. At Surepaint, our painting method typically involves the following:

1. Cleaning the surface

An essential first step for any repaint job is to remove any surface grime and dirt before we begin work. A clean surface helps ensure that the new paint sticks appropriately to the rendered surface. In addition, most paint manufacturers, including Haymes, which we regularly use, guarantee that products will last longer if applied to a clean surface.

We typically clean rendered surfaces using a high-pressure wash, removing dirt and flaking paint. Before using the hose, we apply a specially designed cleaning agent and wet the walls. If we find any mould on your surface, we will also apply an anti-mold treatment along with an anti-fungal treatment to help remove the mold. We typically leave these products on for at least five minutes to allow them to soak into the surface and remove as much dirt, grime, and mold as possible. We then apply the hose, pressure clean the surface, and rinse everything off.

2. Set up scaffolding or mechanical boom

After we’ve thoroughly cleaned the rendered surfaces, but before we can begin any further work, we need to assemble any scaffolding or mechanical booms to make sure we can reach all the surfaces we’re repainting. Depending on the size of your site, the time this takes can vary, but usually, it takes no more than one day to set up completely. We aim to work with you to determine the best approach to suit your residents. We will rely on your on-site manager or a member of the body corporate committee to help communicate with affected residents. All your residents should know when we will be on site, how it may affect their access to the building, and how long we expect the project to take.

3. Scrape and sand away loose paint

After we’ve set up the site to allow us to access all the areas of the body corporate building that require repainting, the next step is to remove any loose paint. Removing loose paint helps ensure a smooth surface, which will result in a better finish when we repaint. We do this by scraping off any loose paint or where the paint is failing, and if necessary, we also sand away any paint to smooth the surface.

4. Apply gap filler to cracks in external walls

When we’re sanding and scraping, our experienced body corporate painting team will also look for any hairline or large cracks on the external walls. These all need to be covered with a gap filler before we paint over them. If not, the fresh paint can easily crack and damage your fresh paint.

5. Fill in any large dents or holes

Our body corporate painters will have identified any larger dents or holes when scraping away loose paint. As with cracks, our strata paint team will need to fill these dents and holes to ensure we end up with a smooth surface to paint over. If these aren’t correctly filled, it can lead to issues in the future with paint failing and unsightly bumps appearing on your walls. The gap fillers we use can easily be sanded back to achieve a smooth surface. They’re also very durable and designed for external use in Queensland conditions.

6. Protecting your property

The last step before we paint is to properly set up the site to protect the building from paint drops. We also make sure surfaces that aren’t being painted or will be painted later with a different paint colour are adequately protected. We focus on quality control at Surepaint. All of our projects use a licensed supervisor who follows best-practice methods, so your property is fully protected. All the taping we use is professional paint tape to help reduce any surface damage, and our experienced body corporate painters are fast at setting up.

7. Use spot priming to resolve any minor issues

Spot priming refers to priming specific external surfaces that may show through the final paint coat and affect the quality of the finish. Our strata painters use spot priming when there are blemishes or minor issues to rendered surfaces that need an extra coat to ensure a smooth finish. Spot priming is a common approach when most of the surface is in good condition and ensures no blemishes or spots appear through the paint after the final coat is applied.

8. Apply a sealer coat

We use a sealer coat to ensure good adhesion between the rendered surface and the new paint. In other words, it helps to ensure the paint sticks to the surface well, which results in a better quality finish for your body corporate building. We want to ensure all our body corporate paint projects are of the highest quality, so we take the necessary steps to get the best outcomes.

9. Apply exterior acrylic paint

After the sealer coat is applied, our professional body corporate painters will begin applying the paint you’ve chosen for the property. When we quote paint jobs, we’ll work closely with you to determine the right colour scheme for your property, along with the best products to use for your surface and your location. At Surepaint, we primarily use Haymes, an Australian-made and owned company. Our expert team providing exterior body corporate painting in Brisbane offers a wide selection of premium paints designed explicitly for Brisbane’s warm climate that are durable and long-lasting. They also offer a 20-year product guarantee.

10. Sand and wipe over the first coat

Applying a light sand over the first coat of paint can help remove any imperfections from the surface. These may include dust, nap from a paint roller, or anything else that may have become stuck to the wall after the surface has been painted. This step can be particularly important on windy days. Given our focus on quality control, we recommend sanding to ensure the wall is smooth before applying another coat, resulting in a better finish. If you’ve chosen a higher sheen finish for your paint choice, sanding can also help to make the surface appear more ‘mirror-like,’ adding to the sheen.

11. Apply a second coat of paint

Our specialist body corporate painters always apply two coats of paint to any surface, particularly external surfaces like render, to get the best result. Using only one coat of paint can make the body corporate building more challenging to keep clean and can detrimentally affect the life of the paint. This is because paint soaks into porous surfaces, resulting in the rendered surface cracking and breaking away, allowing water to get in, which can cause significant damage. Applying a second coat of paint provides an additional barrier. From a maintenance perspective, it makes it easier for any on-site managers to wipe and keep clean and offers durability so your paint job can last longer.

12. Complete finishing touches

After we’ve completed both coats of paint, we double-check all the areas and do any minor touch-ups that may be necessary. These can be in more difficult to reach places, for example, edges or around window frames. We’re committed to delivering you a superior finish, so we are thorough in this step to ensure all building areas are painted to our usual standards. After the project, our licensed supervisor also carries out a final quality control test to ensure that everything is completed to a high standard.

13. Clean up and entire site pack down

When completing a body corporate project, we make sure to tidy up and remove everything from the site thoroughly, so it’s as good as new! We aim to leave no trace that we’ve been on your property, aside from an exceptional paint job!

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By working with Surepaint, our team of skilled professionals can help you choose the perfect colour scheme for your body corporate property.

You can have total peace of mind with our unique colour selection process by taking advantage of our colour consultants and digital overlay experts.

Take a look at the below digital overlay we did for a client. This is not a finished product but rather a digital rendering of the committees colour choices.

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Our experience working with small and large-scale body corporate managers means that we understand the importance of meeting specific regulations of individual property charters and adhering to the rules about how particular properties need to be presented. We offer a 10-year warranty on external strata painting, and our insurance means you’re fully covered in the event of any issues.

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